12 Unique Spatulas

A spatula, also called a turner, a fish slice in the UK, an egg slice, a flipper in Canadian English, or an egg flipper or tosser in Hiberno-English, is a kitchen utensil with a long handle and a broad flat edge, used for lifting and turning fried foods.

The word spatula, known in English since 1525, is a diminutive form of the Latin term spatha, which means a broad sword (as in spatharius) or a flat piece of wood and is also the origin of the words spade (digging tool) and spathe.

What? Don't judge me. It's hard thinking of ideas for new posts. Jerk.

A peppermint candy spatula.

An egg spatula.

Worlds largest spatula?

Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight.

I'm guessing that's an egg or something on the handle.

Folding spatulas. Nice idea.

Butt shaped spatula. I suppose you could also view it as heart shaped.

Fish spatula.

Comes with a built in thermometer.

It's a BBQ sword spatula, for some reason.

Pepper, apple, pumpkin spatulas.

Rock out with your cook out.

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