18 Uniquely Nerdy Rings

Likewise, I like 18 of you, so here are 18 uniquely nerdy rings.

Binary ring.

A steak ring. Perfect for your vegan friends.

Mrs. PacMan. Your half mesh glove wearing friends will love it.

Periodic table rings. Never again will you be unable to remember what your ring is made of.

PacMan ring set. Because you can, that's why.

Lego rings. You can even bling it out, as on the right.

One Ring. Now you can be as cool as a Hobbit.

Nuts and bolts ring. A great reminder of how things work.

Hidden diamond ring. Because it's cool.

Master Chief ring. Let your girlfriend know your priorities.

This ring heats up to 120 degrees once an hour, 24 hours before your anniversary. Awesome. Problem is, guys will forget why in the crap their ring is so hot.

Zelda ring. Because you can't let go of the past.

Network plug ring. There really is no excuse for this.

A potted plant ring. Plant a little taragon and flavor dishes on the go.

A Cylon ring. What can I say here?

Binary ring.

Microchip ring. Nothing says chic like chips.

Another binary ring.

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