1 Year Old Happy Meal

It smelled delicious for a few days. I’d get a whiff of those yummy French fries every time I walked into my office. After a week or so, you could hardly smell it. My husband worried that when the food began to decompose, there would be a terrible odor in our home. He also worried the food would attract ants and mice. He questioned my sanity.

NOPE, no worries at all. My Happy Meal is one year old today and it looks pretty good. It NEVER smelled bad. The food did NOT decompose. It did NOT get moldy, at all.


  1. Why is it so groovy to slam McDonalds these days? Could probably do the same to Whole Foods.

  2. that post was made by someone who will die of a lifestyle related disease. ignorance is greasy bliss.

  3. And what's that to you, self righteous ass?