22 Trees Growing Around Objects

When a tree is growing, and it encounters something that gets in the way of it's growth, it can do three things: stop growing, grow away from it, or grow around it. Is it possible there are items entirely consumed by trees that we don't know about? I would say it is not only possible, but likely. Here are 22 examples of trees simply absorbing obstacles.

A tree growing over a bench.

A tell tale sign you have owned a car too long.

A tree has grown right over two signs.

Here a tree has grown over a water faucet. Still works too.

If it's been that long since you have moved your motorcycle, why not sell it?

A tree growing right over a headstone.

Growing over a rock.

This tree has entirely engulfed a "no trespassing" sign.

Know what happens when you don't take down your Christmas lights on time? You do now.

It looks like it's trying to eat the pipe.

Here it's grown right over a metal tub. The exact tub actually, that I bathed in as a child, growing up in the Appalachians. Not really.

Growing right over a fence.

A tree growing over a palm tree.

A tree growing over a boulder.

A tree growing over a wall.

A tree growing around a bicycle. Story behind the tree found here.

Here is a tree growing around a truck, or the site of a strange accident.

Here is a tree growing around a light that someone had attached to it years earlier.

Here a tree is growing over the skull of a deer.

A tree is growing around a statue of Buddah.

Here a tree has grown over, and outlasted, a fence.

Another tree growing around a fence.

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  1. Suppose so. Makes you wonder how many trees have totally consumed things. Might be some hidden treasure out there.

  2. sometimes trees pull out artillery shells off the ground that were left from the WWI or WWII.

  3. Really Good Photos !

    Also see this Social Advt ( Tamil Language) for growing Trees.



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  5. A truly spendid collection! you should print them up in a book! How about for kids? As a teacher a book of this sort would be a great find.

  6. Is one kind of tree more likely to do this than others?

  7. Call American Pickers

  8. Old school Dodge planter. Located at east of Rice Lake on Hwy C. Just past the C & M intersection.


  9. tree with horrible scars!

  10. I took a picture of that same very last one too haha. It's on 13th street on the west side.

  11. Hi. very interesting set of photos and great that you collected them from around the internet. Here is a short film of a tree in Warsaw that has swallowed up a fence: http://youtu.be/o3AVlXeMROE

  12. The tree growing around a bicycle has a story:
    A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike.

    1. That bike looked too small for a teen.

    2. The bike belonged to a child about ten or eleven. He simply didn't like it, so he left it in the woods and claimed he lost it.

  13. Arturo- I've heard that but it's a child sized bike. Is there any evidence of that being the truth?

  14. I remember when I was a kid, I was helping my dad get firewood and he ruined his chain saw on a tree that had a phone pole in it!

  15. I love the old bike. You can imagine some kid left against a tree and forgot where he left it. The tree grew around it and eventually picked it up off the ground as it grew taller. I wish I could've watched the whole thing in fast motion.

  16. Actually that spot on the tree has always been the same height, so the bike must have been thrown up out of reach by a bully?... IDK, all I know for a fact is that as a tree grows, the entire tree does not stretch out, growth (length wise) is only put on at the apical meristems.

  17. We have a tree with the tines of a hay fork poking out of it... about 6' up!

  18. Perhaps the Ents have been at work?


  19. Tree growing around headstone begs the question: so where are the roots?

    And agreed re above that trees do *not* lift things. They grow at the tip (lol, apical meristem if you must recall bio class), which is why topping is a questioinable idea.

  20. http://www.basic-tree-care.com/2012/10/how-to-plant-tree.html?showComment=1379050614798#c2588856499954289381

  21. The child's bike was probably put on top of the tree when the tree was young, maybe a seedling, and well, we see the rest of the story.

    And the tombstone? We know where some of those roots are, and it isn't some place pretty.

  22. The case of Bicycle is just a joke. AnonymousApril 8, 2012 at 4:35 PM is right. This joker might do it a couple of years ago. That`s it.

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