13 Cool and Unique Buses

I don't like buses. The last place I want to be is in a metal tube going 60 down the freeway, with a bunch of smelly people. Pass. Still, sometimes taking the buss is necessary. So if you must, travel in style on one of these.

This whip is off the chain. Do people still say "off the chain?" Looks like it may have been made from an Escalade.

Old school in da hizzouse! Ok, I'm done, sorry.

Do you feel a draft?

Please see my last comment.

It's like a Hindu temple had a bus-baby.

German's love David Hasselhoff.

What's more dangerous than a lion? A bus-lion.

This is what happens when public schools are under funded.

Yep, that's a jet engine.

Wouldn't that make it sort of hard to see?

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  1. Evel Knievel jumped 14 buses, but they weren't nearly this cool.