Digging Out of a Snow Storm

Shoveling the driveway stinks, it's true. But, it could be a lot worse. These are supposedly images from Quebec, Canada; yikes.


  1. Yep those are images from Quebec... and probably Quebec City... where Jean Cazes is from.

  2. I just got those pictures in an email stating that it was Lead, South Dakota but some of the pics still had Jean Caze's QC email address on them. lol, why do people bother?

  3. People are liars!! @ Anonymous

  4. No supposedly my friend, I live there and that's all -no photo shopping- winter in quebec - if are elsewhere doesn't matter its the same thing here.

    My own car is currently buried under 5 feet of snow.

    That last pic is exactly what residential streets look like by the end of Feb. on good snowy year.