28 Cool Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are another of those daily conveniences we take for granted and don't pay much attention to. But they haven't always been around, and they haven't always been so convenient.

Most fountains are pretty industrial in nature and design, but some are pretty neat looking, especially the ones dating pre 1900.

A lot of these pictures are from Squidoo's History of Drinking Fountains.

Drinking fountains, pre 1900, were more fountain that anything. Older fountains looked like decorative fountains, but usually contained a little bowl to catch the water and a faucet to allow for easier drinking.

Here are some older fountains.

Cogee drinking fountain.

Old Roman fountain.

Ramblas drinking fountain.

An elephant fountain.

Another Roman fountain.

Here are some newer ones.

Isn't this the one from Disneyland's "Jungle Cruise?"

Mmm, space water.

Nothing says refreshment like a dorsal fin.

Fountain or bidet? You be the judge.

I think this one is pretty neat.

Jealous of your dog?

The water shape is pretty awesome.

There is one like this at my local zoo.

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