19 Cool Snowmen

When the snow falls, everyone becomes Michelangelo, and begins sculpting. Typical adornments are a carrot for a nose, some sticks for arms, maybe some coal eyes and buttons, even a hat and scarf. But you can do a lot more than that with snowmen.

World's tallest snowlady.

A fat snowdude.

A snow wizard.

A thinking man snowman.

I dunno, some family on a couch. Perhaps a television icon...

Another giant snowman.

A master chief snowman.

A snowman climbing a tree.

Not really a snowman, per se, more of a snow-bear-like-creature.

Again, perhaps not a snowman, but certainly a snow-humanoid.

This snowman likes to party.

Most people don't realize that snowmen hemorrhage quite easily.

Disco Stu loves to boogie.

Roger caught his snow wife cheating on him with a snow angel, so he went all Psycho on her.

Whats with the handsaw?

A deep sea diver snowman.

No snow? No problem.

Ah, fer cute.

Bad dog.

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1 comment:

  1. i think this is the only all year round snowman
    in winter he wears scarf and curling broom in summer changes to sunglasses and fishing pole