29 Cool Anagrams

Mother-in-law - Woman Hitler
School teacher - Coach the losers
Husband and wife - Fun was had in bed
President Clinton of the USA - To copulate, he finds interns
Debit card - Bad credit
Slot machines - Cash lost in ‘em
School master - The classroom
Eleven plus two - Twelve plus one
Dormitory - Dirty room
Punishment - Nine Thumps
The Morse code - Here come dots
Snooze alarms - Alas, no more Zs
A decimal point - I’m a dot in place
Astronomer - Moon starer
The eyes - They see
The public art galleries - Large picture halls, I bet
Election results - Lies – let’s recount
The Hurricanes - These churn air
Elvis - Lives
Elvis Aaron Presley - Seen alive? Sorry, pal.
Madonna Louise Ciccone - One cool dance musician.
Clint Eastwood - Old West action.
William Shakespeare - I’ll make a wise phrase.
Marilyn Manson - Manly man? No sir!
Giovanni Pergolesi - I love opera singing.
George Bush - He bugs Gore.
Osama bin Laden - A bad man, no lies.
Adolf Hitler - Do real filth.
Monica Lewinsky - Nice silky woman.


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