Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bumper Cars Turned Into Real Cars

So I never knew this, but apparently people turn old bumper cars into actual little cars. Pretty freakin' nifty.

Thanks Chappy!


Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Those are so cool! Thanks for the fun as always.

Nifty Nick said...

They are way cool, I know. I want one.

Vicki said...

I saw these guys driving around Carlsbad CA a few months ago. Too cool.

Anonymous said...

Dude,I want one! Does anyone know how I can contact these people? Or, perhaps "Now That's Nifty" could list their references... :D

Nifty Nick said...

I actually recieved these photos by e-mail, I'm not sure where they were taken, or how to contact these guys. Sorry! By the license plate, looks like these are all in California.

Anonymous said...

LOL, love it. but how in THE world can these be street legal?

Anonymous said...

K so I was able to find some info on them... Just wish I could find the company that modifies them. :D They use a Kawasaki 750cc motorcycle engine for power, which allows them to reach sidestreet speeds. For some unexplainable reason, they cost $50,000 to modify them so they’re street legal!

Term Papers said...

They are way cool, I know. I want one.

doug said...

FUNYWUD - Bumper Car - No Longer Street Legal
No room for a surfboard. During the evening cruise about seven or eight bumper cars appeared travelling single file. They were the hit of the evening with everyone, or so it seemed, wanting to crowd around them, including MR38. They are street legal and have real license plates. I don't know whether they are original bumper cars or if they were made to look like bumper cars. The engine, lawn mower style, fits under the driver's seat. They make a wonderful mini-roar. 750cc Kawasaki
February 15, 2010: Just learned that DMVhas revoked the registations for these bumper cars.

"It was a mistake by the field office staff, said Jan Mendoza, a DMV spokeswoman."

"Our registration division was sent these same photos some years back, and have since corrected their registration," she said. These cars no longer have California plates, she said."

helen said...

huau......no los habia visto ,son espectaculares, como puedq aquirir uno. me justan demaciado tengo 53años vivo en vezuela estado carabobo.

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