10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles

Say the world ends, and you are one of the few humans left alive. Well if the movies tell us anything, it is that you will need a trusty, tough vehicle to take you around the barren waste land, keeping one step ahead of dangerous marauders. What would you pick as the ten best post-apocalyptic vehicles?

Dobbertin Surface Orbiter

What happens when a well known hotrodder puts his tinkering hands to an amphibious vehicle? The Dobbertin Surface Orbiter. Built out of an old milk tanker, the Orbiter was designed to circumnavigate the globe on land and water, which is good for when you're on the move and forced to deal with the suddenly changing seasons that the nuclear fallout will likely bring. And like all good survival vehicles, it comes complete with a kitchen and porta-potti. It nearly made it around the world, but financial problems and an eventual divorce led to the trip getting cut short. Maybe YankBoffin and BlueCoupe would be all over that. [Dobbertin Hydrocar]

Here are the other nine best post-apocalyptic vehicles.

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  1. Every man reading this is now thinking, "I want one of those."

    (Followed some time later by "It probably won't fit in the garage.")