Ridiculous Wedding Cakes

While we are on the subject of fancy cakes, fondant is not delicious, stop putting in on cakes. Sure, it looks nice, but it tastes like plastic. I want frosting, sweet delicious frosting. Also, if your cake has some parts made of rice crispies treats, then it isn't really a cake, it's some weird food sculpture.

Yeah, she didn't push him, he just realized what was about to happen.

I love Nintendo as much as the next guy, but there are limits.

Best cake ever.

Really? Stargate?

This one is just ridonculous. It looks like a big pile of pillows.

Wait, I mean it this time, best cake ever.

Nice day for white-trash wedding.

I would have gone with C-3PO


  1. Hey, some of those are actually fun.

  2. I don't think the cake are ridiculous they are just different and not traditional.