Not so Nifty Inventions

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but sometimes the father of invention is a drunk schizophrenic with nothing better to do than invent crap no one needs. Example? The items listed below:

That's what we need, easier access to cookies. Also, it may be handy, but it means less space for a tasty beverage.

Seriously? You are already the couple no one likes, because you use petnames in public, and you give each other Eskimo kisses. Now this?

It may look cute, but it's not very practical.

Fine, it's clever. But what about the times when you drip somewhere else along the rim of the mug? Then it's just a guy with his tongue out, and a mug with a stupid handle.

Does everything need to be a joke? Just drink your dang coffee.

Ok, obviously there is nothing wrong with this shirt. Where can I order one?

Now gamers never need to leave their seat.

This will lead to all sorts of accidents.

Hey look at me everyone, these are all the books I've read (only not really, I just bought them, but I will read them someday).


How often would this be necessary?

Finally, now I can hold a cup like a big boy. Why not add a spill proof "sippy" top while you're at it.

This one makes sense.

Really? Too lazy to brew tea? Then don't drink tea.

Pretty sure I don't want a light hanging two inches from my face while I sleep.

This could come in handy. But there is still nothing to prevent her from taking all of the blankets.

Stylish, yes. Functional, no.

Yeah it's more sturdy, but now there is no room to put anything.

Great, another reason to post more stupid pictures of yourself on Facebook.


  1. I want a book chair, that's awesome ! (Also, wouldn't it make more sense to have your comments at the bottomof each post ?)

  2. Yeah, it is a pretty neat chair. I moved the comment link to the bottom as well. Thanks!

  3. Is the bed a stolen idea? as in "four sprung ouch" technology?

  4. The coffee cups are pretty funny. I may need those.

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