A Cornucopia of Corn Mazes

In some parts of the USA, corn mazes are quite popular. They start to spring up all over the place in the fall, after the corn harvest. They often times will even design the maze to make a cool design. Below are 18 examples of cool corn mazes.

Yep, it's a Twilight themed maze.

It's Sarah Palin.

A McDonald's themed maze.

Voting themed maze.

Yep, it's a David Archuleta maze. Why? Dunno.


Wizard of Oz.

Statue of Liberty.

The largest corn maze recorded is of who else? The Verizon Wireless Guy. Wait, what?

African theme.

American football.


Lebron James.

Another Africa theme.

Mount Rushmore.

It's a big apple.


Farm theme.

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