Nifty Poodle Haircuts

I don't like poodles, I think they are ugly dogs. I don't know, they seem too big to have those puffy, feminine haircuts. Just seems wrong. I guess the little ones aren't as bad, except for the fact that I don't like small dogs...

This one is so square, it's cool.

God bless the USA.

How did she get the feathers to stick?

Mmm, bison are good eatin'.

What happens when a poodle gets it on with a panda? A Pandoodle.

Wanna know what is really funny? This poodle prefers Marlboro.

This one is pretty neat. It's like the poodle has a conjoined twin.

Not sure if this one is really a poodle. But, either way, it sure is cute-ish.

This one is pretty awesome, I guess. It's a greaser, from the 50's.

It's a peacock, I guess. Though, it just looks like a colorful dog with feathers in it's butt. You'll notice in an above picture that the same woman, has done this to her poor dog before.

I like the fired eggs on it.

Some sort of bird.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Poodle, Poodle in a half shell, Poodle power!


  1. Dog # 10 is totally the same dog as #12.

  2. Aww, now that's.... just.... horrible...

  3. Those dogs faces look so sad. I dont blame them. It's an animal, not an art canvas.

  4. these dogs love to be groomed and primped its there nature!

  5. I think they are awesome, dogs ARE canvas.

  6. i like poodle with their fur

    but poor dogs theyre like:

    other im glad thats not me LOL

  7. that is torrible stop doing this to thim now !!!! what if we shaved you and made u look like that!!!!!! MEANIES

  8. thats wrong don't say that they are art THERE DOGS!!!! MANS BEST FRIEND NOT MANS ART! YOU PEOPLE THAT DO THIS HAVE NOOOOOOO LIVES!!!!!!!!!!

  9. that's wrong I dont see anything fun with those dogs, instead i see animal cruelty.

  10. I'm a creative art groomer, and believe me...poodles are naturally & genetically conditioned to being groomed, primped & prodded. It's in their genes and they thrive for the attention they get out of it while on the table, as well as off the table. Grooming is to a poodle is what herding is to a border collie. It's just what they love. There's nothing wrong with extreme poodle art. No one gets hurt. It's safe, harmless, uncruel, painless and everyone has fun with it...including the poodle. These dogs don't need me. They're spoiled rotten.

  11. im a groomer as well and the dogs do not mind it trust me. In fact ive seen poodles come into me without being groomed in a while and there hair is so matted to there skin it causes hematomas and skin problems and all that painful stuff. At least these dogs are well taken care of and loved. if you want to know about animal cruelty just look up how the animal in your dinner was treated before it ended up on your plate

  12. Poodles are meant to be loved and cared for with kindness. They are not super models! Treat them like real pets!

  13. dogs are not dolls where u dress them up and die their hair so they look like some character in a tv show or some weird colors all over them. the should be able to live life the way it is

  14. These poodle owners should be forbiden to have anything alive,ever in their lifes.