Buildings That Look Like the Death Star - Sphereical Buildings

Remember that movie Star Wars? You might have seen it, I dunno, it was kind of an obscure, low budget film, not many fans. Anywho, in the movie there is this sweet battle station, called the Death Star. It's a giant moon shaped station, capable of destroying just about anything. There are some buildings here on earth that sort of resemble it, though it isn't clear if any of them are capable to destroy Alderaan, or any planet for that matter. Below are 22 examples of Death Star type buildings:

A giant soccer ball building in the Labor Park, downtown Dalian, China.

The Parc de la Villette is the largest park in the city of Paris, and is said to be the most perfectly spherical building in the world.

This is the Core Pacific City Mall, in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Globe Arena in Stockholm, the largest spherical building in the world.

A glass sphere building in Monterrey, Mexico.

A spherical church.

Some sort of storage building, probably gas.

The Belarus National Library. It’s not exactly spherical; the shape is a rhombicuboctahedron. During the day, the 24 sides sparkle with glass panels. At night, they are illuminated by 4646 color-changing LEDs. It has been referred to as the Death Star both because of the way it looks and how it was financed.

The sphere observation deck at the Fuji TV Building in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, in China.

This sphere-ish shaped building is London's City Hall on the South bank of the Thames River.

Now this isn't exactly sphere shaped, it's more of a dome, but it's still neat. Batiment sphérique.

Perhaps the most famous, in the USA at least, Disney's Epcot center.

Sandia Building 852. A beautiful name, for a beautiful building.

A pretty sweet house. I wouldn't mind living there. Home, sweet dome. Again, not perfectly spherical, but pretty close.

The Hotel Full Moon in Baku, Azerbaijan is a design from Heerim Architects of Korea, to be built on a peninsula overlooking Full Moon Bay. The luxury hotel will have 382 rooms in its 35 stories.

Pretty neat building, not sure of it's purpose.

This is a proposed design in Dubai. The centrepiece of the project, the spherical Bait al Hikma - the House of Wisdom – which will house a university with a grand central library,a translation institution, other international universities, a knowledge garden, offices for international organizations, a grand mosque – and Sheikh Mohammad’s masjid – or local meeting house.

The RAK Convention and Exhibition Center in the new city of Ras al Khaimah, UAE looks very much like the Death Star. A project still in the concept stage from the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, the design is the result of a competition. The project team is led by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who also designed the CCTV building in Beijing. The building will hold hotels, offices, restaurants, and stores as well as a convention hall.

Cinesphere on Toronto's waterfront.

A spherical building in the Shinjuku War, Tokyo.

Parque Ferial IFEMA, Madrid, Spain.


  1. That "sphere-ish shaped building on a river" is actually London's City Hall on the South bank of the Thames River.

  2. Vancouver BC has a spherical building too. Leftover from Expo 86, it is now the Telus World of Science. (Search scienceworld dome on Flickr and you'll see plenty of photos).

  3. Thank You, It was really useful for My Seminar based on Spherical Buildings!!!