Nifty BBQ Pits, Smokers, and Grills.

I love BBQ. I mean, I really, really love BBQ. Smokey, savory, spicy and delicious. But these people make my love for BBQ look like crap. Check out these awesome BBQ pits, grills and smokers:

Texas Lil’s world’s largest transportable smoker. You can smoke a lot of pork butt with that sucker.

A locomotive BBQ.

Not only can you grill with this puppy, but you can fend off any would be food snatchers, or unwanted guests.

That sir, is a pit.

The ultimate tailgate. I bet this guy gets all the chicks.

Bam! Right in the kisser. Scare the crap out of the other BBQ's with this big fella.

This one comes with big speakers and coolers.

A vintage Jaguar Austin-Healy BBQ. I've never been so sad to see an awesome BBQ.

A dragon BBQ. I suppose that makes sense, dragons breathe fire.

A Holden Monaro GTS BBQ grill.

Yep, it's a Corvette BBQ.

Choo, choo, chew your meat. Ok, I know that was lame.

I've heard of people putting food wrapped in tinfoil on their car engine to cook, but this is ridonkulous.

Who needs a sidecar from your significant other, when you can ride around with a slab of brisket?

He can BBQ at 75 mph! Well, probably not. But it sure is big.

David Klose’s baby carriage BBQ pit. Mmmm, that baby smells delicious.

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