Many Marvelous Mohawks

When I was younger, I thought mohawks were pretty awesome. I recall drawing pictures of guys with huge mohawks. Looking at them now though, they look kind of lame.

If not for the nasty red mohawk, she would actually be pretty cute.

What's with the band across the head?

That is a really pretty, shiny mohawk.

Yeah, anarchy rules! Except for it sucks.

Haha, mohawk mugshot.

That's pretty cool, if you are into spiders, and bright blue stuff.

Ah, festive.

Shiver. That's just plain ugly.

I can respect that.

Are you sick of your child being cute? Well do I have an answer for you!

You are never to young to be a social outcast.

The contemplative mohawk.

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  1. WHy are you saying these look ugly, or bad??? all of them are amazing even the pink one on the baby, alothough it wasnt the smartest for the baby's health it still looked cute and kick ass ^_^

  2. I actually have a rainbow deathhawk.
    In the past I've had it blue, panther printed, pink, black, white and red. Why on earth would you call good mohawks ugly? If executed nicely, mohawks are awesome.

  3. You say these hairstyles are ugly.

    BABY, I REALLY WON'T SEE YOU!!! a person who leaves those comments like you must be the ugliest one of all:)

    I had mohawks and I was very pretty with it and I was proud to wear my mohawk! I think you were one of the first idiots I spat on.


    and fuck u for you comments. but the pics are pretty, especially the baby with the pink mohawk.

  4. that is a nasty red Mohawk on a beautiful lady and her beauty would shine through no matter how pissed off she was