Interesting Facts on Tooth Care

Dental care is a common part of daily life in our age. But it wasn’t so long ago that those pearly whites weren’t so pearly.

Toothpaste was invented only 100 years ago. Before that, after people figured out that brushing the teeth would preserve them longer, common tooth cleaners included ground-up charcoal, pulverized brick, lemon juice, and even a mixture of honey and tobacco. Early toothbrushes included the miswak, a twig or root which has been used in the Muslim world since the Golden Age. After toothpaste was invented, it wasn’t until World War II that brushing actually became popular in the U.S.

Today, twice daily brushing is common, and flossing is becoming more standard. Dentists also recommend brushing after lunch or sweet snacks.



  1. Does everyone think that everyone before the dentist and toothbrush just lost there teeth, the historical evidence says otherwise. In america the #1 reason people lose their teeth is from poor diet. The main issue being HFC or high fructose corn syrup. HFC is processed using a type of acid that is not natural to ingest causing enamel decay, you can reverse the damage but it takes a total overhaul or your diet, including eating only organic food and eliminating processed sugars from you diet. (fruit sugars are fine and actually are necessary for proper nutrient absorption. Your teeth get everything they need by absorbing nutrients from food directly through tiny holes in your enamel that reaches the root. A larger hole is called a cavity by dentists, which can be healed through diet and using toothpaste that has calendula or calcium phosphate and stay away from flouride that is essential!

  2. Taking care of your family’s health is vital, and a healthy smile is an important part of overall health. Science has linked dental disease and poor oral health to increased risk for many serious systemic health risks.