Child Mullets Part Two - The Chullet

What is the worst haircut you could have as a child? What is the one haircut that would guarantee teasing and mocking, if you didn't live in Canada's hockey country, or the backwoods of the Appalachians? A mullet. Here is part two of child mullets, also know as chullets. Part one can be found here.

Ah, the 90's chullet. Notice the neon pink shirt. Do you remember those t-shirts that would change color, when you blew hot air on them?

Oh my. Nice call with the boy scout look-alike shirt. At least you have that sweet chullet going for ya.

No THAT is a handsome family. Daddy has a mullet, and baby boy has a chullet. Is it just me, or does the Dad's smile look like he just farted, and is smiling in self satisfaction.

Oh my, but that is a large mouth. This little chullet number wasn't uncommon in the 80's, but is a rare site these days.

Ah, a chullet at a baseball game with dad.

Another view of the same baseball chullet.

Uh, this is certainly a unique breed of chullet, one I have never encountered. It's like he has a beard on the back of his head. We'll call it a "chullet-bullet."

This kid is so cool, we had to conceal his identity.

A racing fan chullet.

Ah, three chullet brothers. What makes this picture even more outstanding? Two words, bolo ties.

He is gonna be a heart-breaker.

Hello young chullet, nice bike shorts.

A chullet on a stroll through the park, with his mommy.

A chullet bordering on a rat tail.

Oh my but that is a full, fluffy chullet.

Chullets are often mischievous.

A farmer, ginger chullet.


  1. Thanks for taking my request to heart and supplying these chullets. This made my day!

  2. Im not quite sure how I found the link for this site, but you have me in tears!! Kudos to the author of this entry!!