Bridges You Will Probably Die Crossing

I'm fine crossing big, sturdy bridges, no problem. But small, rickety, POS bridges? Mmm-mmm, no thanks. Here are 9 such bridges, that will in all likelihood lead to your demise. Drowning, impalement, smashing your head on a big rock, all real possibilities.

This is a bridge between two Pakistani cities Passu and Husaini. I'd probably just stay home.

Another view of the same bridge.

A crappy bridge near the north end of Ao Son Beach on the west coast of Tarutao.

Wow, I think we have a winner. See that? See his foot? I bet he died. I'd rather swim across, thank you very much, sir.

Somewhere in Nepal. Yeah, that looks sturdy,

Two planks of wood wide? What if you have big feet?

An attempt to get around flood waters in Southeast Asia. "Ok everyone, pile on! Don't worry, it's supported by rope!"

Rickety bridge across the Ourika River at Setti Fatma, Morocco. PASS!

Really? Could it look less safe? At least it is over calm water.

Rickety bridge over the top of "The Bride's Veil," Brazil.


  1. Yeah there's a lovely rope bridge in Northern Ireland called the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge:
    It's got a bit tame in recent years, the bridge is a lot sturdier now, but it's still only a few planks thick with the raging Atlantic far far below...

  2. Obviously, you've never seen the ladies they've got in Husaini.