Woman claims denture cream crippled her

Now she has problems throughout her body. She can't pick up her children like she used to, can't run, can't ride a bike.

Chapman blames it all on Fixodent denture adhesive cream and is suing Procter & Gamble, the company that makes it.

According to the complaint, Chapman suffered and continues to suffer injuries including zinc poisoning and neurological damages.

"We don't really know the connection but there is a clear affiliation because the denture creams do have zinc in them and they're higher in zinc concentration. There was actually a recent study that showed that the concentrations in the blood stream in patients that used denture creams on a daily basis was significantly higher than your normal levels of zinc, but it's still yet too early to be definitive," says emergency medicine physician David Soria, MD.
Ah, frivolous lawsuits. My question is, why is this woman using denture cream, if she is only 31? I'd say this woman has bigger problems, in the oral hygiene department. Brush your dang teeth woman, then they don't fall out, then you don't need denture cream, then you won't get paralyzed.

Seriously though? Denture cream crippling you? Doubt it.


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  2. The zinc in many of the most popular brands of denture cream, like Poligrip and Fixodent contain excessive levels of zinc. With millions of seniors and denture wearers using these products on a daily basis, they risk serious health side effects.

    Excessive levels of zinc can and have caused paralysis, muscle weakness, loss of feeling and other neurological disorders.

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