Funny Homeless Beggar Signs

Though it obviously isn't a funny thing that these people are homeless, it doesn't mean they don't have a sense of humor.

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  1. I've seen one that said "Dumb , stupid, ugly and broke" that made me wonder if they were also illiterate and had someone make the sign up for them. I didn't stop though.

    I do prepare for the ones with dogs though. I have a baggie with some dog biscuits.

    When accosted by beggars and panhandlers in the parking lot, I typically answer, "Sorry, I don't carry cash." This works because I can say it sincerely because it's actually quite true. I carry debit card for the grocery store and a small amount of cash in the glove compartment of the car for fast food drive through lanes. My wallet actually has no cash. I did once buy a 6" Subway sandwich for a homeless man I knew who frequents our area, but he never begs and has no signs. He used to quietly play a guitar and just leave the case open with no sign, but when I asked him where it was, he says his guitars keep getting stolen when he sleeps. I'd previously spoken with him a couple years before because I was curious about the homeless man who didn't beg. He remembered me because so few people actually even make eye contact with him, let alone come up to chat a while.

  2. I feel sorry for these people. It makes me sad :(