Duct Taped to the Wall Photos

I'm not sure what would possess a person (people) to do this? I guess it is as good a way as any to kill an afternoon. Anyway, click on a photo for a larger image.

Bulls eye. School principal?

Looks like another principal.

Another fat educator.

On the ceiling, that has to be significantly harder.

They look pretty pleased for some reason.

He looks like he didn't get taped to the wall by choice.

Man or a woman? Chude?

Apparently people have been doing this since the 80's.

Gym coach?

What's on his face?

I have no idea what is going on.


Screw you England! (j/k)

Wow, apparently this is what hardcore gamers do, when they run out of desk space.

When you have nothing better to do on a Friday night...

This is one of the more complete jobs I have seen. That's a lot of tape.

Yer gonna need more tape.

You'll speak when spoken to...

"College isn't what I expected."

Another principal?

"We don't have any more beds, but I have an idea."

Standing on chairs is cheating.

You are gonna need a LOT more tape.

Ahhh college.

I love how the kid is posing next to him.

He must have pissed someone off.

She looks creepy, no wonder they taped her to the wall. I also love the kids crowded around her. How long did it take for them to start poking her with pens and pencils?

Better pray the tape holds.


This guy loves pipe.

Awww, that's just cute. Also, no need to pay for a babysitter.

Where is your Santa Clause now!!!

Yep, you are very strong...

I won't tell you to shut up again...

Hmmm, I think I have the wrong room. I was looking for Joey's barmitzvah.

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  1. Why should it be motivating to a student to imprison their principal against a wall? I think this is sending a really strange message to students--"Hey if you work really hard an get good test scores, you can participate in preventing someone from being able to move! You can walk by and gauk at them and get a really twisted sense of power over someone else!" In my opinion this is just plain stupid. And dangerous too. This gives bullies new ideas to torture and immobilize the kids they pick on. There is really nothing funny about this at all. And the photo of the baby duct taped to the wall? What is cute about that? Lastly, it's just plain wasteful. How about a little environmental responsibility and awareness for kids?

  2. lol the guy above me takes things too seriosly, that is art, and art is a relaxation method, but PLEASE inly do this to yourself or vollunteers

  3. i agree plus first guy prolly got taped to a wall himself lol