Douche Bag Pictures

Oh d-bags. The over styled hair, the fake bake tan, the crappy tattoos, the endless hours spent in the gym, the shaved body hair, popped collar, on and on. Here are some classic douche bags:

A douche bag, carrying bags? Posing? Seriously?

Spider-douche, spider-douche, doing whatever a spider-douche does.

Yeah baby, you like my Honda?

I don't button my shirt all the way, cause I'm awesome.

Pursing your lips makes you look attractive.

Duuude, I am so wasted on Zima...

Seriously? Look at his hair? He could saw wood with it. And the eyebrows? Dude plucks, and wears eyebrow makeup. And what's with the lips? Why do douche bags do that?

Look at his eyebrows! Ahaaaa! He so looks like a girl.

Wow, he looks... I mean seriously, look at his face... What is going on?

That is a large gathering of bags.

Are those women's sun glasses?

Five popped collars? Seriously?

Yo, yo ladies...

Look at his big pile of stupid meat. Seriously.

LOL. Man, look at the intense look he is giving. He is either trying to force out a stubborn poop, or make fierce love to the camera.

Look how the douche in blue is riding up on his douche buddy. No, that's not gay at all dude.

That's classy. You better mouth wash after that buddy, pretty sure your porn star girlfriend is covered in germs.

When tan in a can goes terribly, terribly wrong. Who wants to bet, they slathered each other down, with tan in a can the night before?

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  1. Oh Lord!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how u described all the douchebags! *salute*

  2. Thanks. :) Douche bags are so funny, they make it too easy.

  3. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet blog dude!

  4. Classic stuff.lmao

  5. Funny and true ! Nice blog !

  6. In regards to the last douche...

    "The brown ones are trying to impregnate our pale women...STOP THE MADNESS!"

  7. Bhahaha, I am celebrating douchebags around the universe, because they are larger than life itself. Douchebag theme party baby! Can't wait!

  8. LoooooooooooL !!! The douchebags are the funniest!!! Kill the clown... we got the douchebags!!! Is there a douchebags village or something??? I would pay to see'em like.. in a social community... only douchebags! Crazy!!!

  9. Seriusly why this guy have girlfriend like that O_o

    She seriusly stone ... or she is blind lol

    May be he pay that girl for that pic

  10. your douchebag captions are truly inspired!

  11. I am a douche bag or so you would call me one! You are prolly just some ugly fucker who never gets laid have fun beatin off

  12. When did umpa-lumpas start getting so big? Someone needs to do an expose on steroid use at the Wonka factory...

  13. Well, I agree that they look pretty ridiculous, but somehow, they get all the hot ladies...