Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figure.

So here is another WTF toy, I found in China Town, San Francisco. It comes with five loaves of bread, and two fish, to feed 5000. It also comes with a pot of water that he turns to wine. And of course he has glow in the dark hands. Just like the real Jesus? Also, what makes this action figure "deluxe?"


  1. You may enjoy , which is where your Chinatown source is getting these toys. On the other hand, it may ruin the WTF-edness of the whole experience for you. Sorry about that...

    (By the way, it seems that commenting on yr blog is broken in both FF 3.5 and Chrome. Had to use IE.)

  2. I am posting this message for Scott L., who for some reason, was unable to post it himself.

    "Archie McPhee does not have Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figures....."