Blog: What's For School Lunch?

What's for School Lunch? is another blog of mine dedicated to pictures of school lunch from around the world. It is pretty neat to see what other kids around the world eat, and to see what kids here in the USA eat as well. Some of it looks like pure crap, but some of it looks delicious. In fact, some of it makes me miss school lunch, like those delicious rolls, or greasy french fries. Anyway, check it out. Also, if you have any school lunch pictures, please send them in.

What's For School Lunch

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  1. I was prolly the only one who liked the boyscout-tent-colored canned peas and the fluorescent sloppy joes. As for the rubberized fudge brownies, we competed in the time-tested game of "How Many Brownies Can You Toss Into Bob Lyby's Tuba?"