Strange Canned Foods

I realize these are not strange to everyone, but they are strange to me. If I mislabel something, blow it out your nose, it was a mistake.

Surstromming. Fish treated with lye.

Jellied beef.

Octopus ball drink.

Duck fat.

Jellied eels (you remember them from the post: "Canned Meat, Fish & Bugs From Around the World").

Fiddleheads. These are the tips of newly growing fern branches. Popular in Maine.

Fish assholes. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not, as there is nothing else funny on the can.

Corn smut. Basically corn that is intentionally treated with a mold that makes the kernels swell up, and taste similar to mushrooms.

Silk worm larvae (you remember them from the post: "Canned Meat, Fish & Bugs From Around the World").

Everyone's favorite toast topper, grass jelly.

Canned bread.

Canned balut. Balut are fertilized duck eggs, with the baby duck inside.

Sun-dried possum. Might be a joke can.

Mmmm, artichoke drink.

Iguana meat consomme.

Cheeseburger in a can ( I guarantee it doesn't come out looking that good).

Enjoy a delicious glass of birds nest.

It has teeth. 'Nuf said.


  1. Mmmmm ... fiddleheads

  2. It was Goose Fat not Duck Fat.

  3. I have tried the Canned Cheeseburgers a few times while in Germany. They look nothing like the picture on the ad, but do not taste bad at all. A little on the expensive side (about US $5.50 each), the directions on the can recommend boiling for a couple of minutes (in the can) to heat. I ate them at room temperature. Given that the Germans have not really cracked the code on hamburger preparation, this was actually good. Unfortunately, the distributor does not ship to the US.

  4. It *is* duck fat. Canard means duck in french. A goose is "oie" in french. re-read the can and weep.

  5. Food Network Humor has a great list of the 45 grossest canned foods on the planet:

  6. the teeth-thing is herring (сельдь in russian)

  7. I watched a documentry on birds nest drink. It is actually the boiled birds nest made entirely from their spit :p I'm not sure I would like to drink that