Funny Warning Signs

Feed your children to the crocodiles.

For those that don't speak French, this sign looks filthy.

Beware of peeing planes.

Caution, falling red lightning bolts will impale you.

These pigeons don't mess around. Give them an inch, they take a mile.

Uh... Is this where the mafia buries bodies?

Alligators love to eat speed demons in wheelchairs.

Uh, ok.

No parents allowed.

Caution, devil moose will destroy your car.

Do NOT start fires on top of your car.

Old people conga line crossing.

I think that is supposed to be an avalanche.

But I'm so thirsty, I don't want to drink the dirty water.

Excuse me, attendant, can you help me take off my arm?

Beware of cat's meow.


  1. This was funny, when I saw it on Pophangover 2 months ago.

  2. Those are nothing like what was posted here. But thanks for sharing the link anyway.

  3. Very funny, thanks for sharing!

  4. Product warning labels are for the weak... I say save humanity, bring back natural selection!

  5. Brilliant. Love the cat one. Why would they even make that into a sign in the first place?