Unique and Strange Staplers

A Superman stapler. Because nothing says superhero like tedious office work.

A Scottie Dog stapler. Why? Because the stapler company was out of ideas.

Sushi staplers. These are pretty neat. Stupid and useless, but pretty neat.

An antique stapler. Look at that craftsmanship.

A purple pac-man looking stapler.

A Hello Kitty stapler. Why? Because it is on everything else, why not a stapler. That's why.

A freaking sweet shark stapler.

A rainbow trout stapler. Sworn enemy of the shark stapler (above).

A stapler/calculator/tape measure/tawdry piece of crap pink case.

A rhinestone covered stapler. Looks rather reptilian to me.

Some little weird dude staplers, with what look like capes or tails as the stapler head.

A killer rabbit stapler.

A frog on a piece of wood stapler.

A fist/hand shaped stapler.

An alligator stapler. Why did they give the gator green shingles on it's nose? Gator products shouldn't have skin diseases, it's off putting.

A see through electric stapler.

A staple-less stapler for kids. It punches a hole in the paper, and folds a piece of paper through the hole, stitching the pieces together. It is supposed to be a cat. I don't see it.

A creepy cat on a pillow stapler. Perfect for the woman that can't legally own any more real cats, or the health department will condemn her home.

Another antique stapler. Looks sort of like a torture device.


  1. nice shit's


  2. OMG! Did you see that f*ckin' 2nd one?! That is some real staplin' sh*t right there! Awesome dude! Thanx for this.

  3. your cooments are awsome