Some Ridiculous Shoes

They look like headphones. Wonder if they are comfortable?

Go green?

Perfect for covering up embarrassing foot odor.

These are just sad. Someone buy the man some shoes.

Always pay attention in shop class.

For the dominatrix that needs a little extra height on the basketball court.

Boxing glove shoes?

Cross your legs with care.

If you can't bind your feet from birth, there is always these.

Oh come on.

Perfect for motivating a gamer to exercise. Also perfect for ensuring the gamer will stay single.


Big Bird fans rejoice!

Slippers? Ha!

For Japanese tween girls with height issues?


  1. "Oh come on."

    LOLOL...great commentary.

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  3. wow intense
    Thats coming from some guy
    whos a gamer lawl

  4. OMG that is so cute! check out y blog

    Its sorta like urs!!

  5. errrrr .... special?!

  6. This was so funny, I am reading this at work and can't stop laughing. Thanks :-)

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