Cool and Unique Computer Mice

I guess the computer mouse is sort of old school these days, what with touch screens and all. But for all of you dinosaurs still using a mouse, here are some cool computer mice you can use.

World's first computer mouse, made by Douglas Engelbart in 1964 .

A star and a strawberry. So ergonomic and comfy.

Looks like a spaceship.

Get your zen on with this mouse.

Because kids should be spending more time on the computer instead of playing outside.

For those that mastered the NES controller, and don't want to get rusty while you game on your PC.

Where's the beef?

An optical computer mouse from Steam Punk called "The Bug". The cog for a scroll wheel makes a great touch.

Another cool Steam Punk mouse.

A mouse made of stone (or perhaps just stone looking material).

Ahhh, pretty.

A dragon decorated mouse.

I wonder if the headlights work? This should also come with a horn, for when your internet is running slowly.

Perhaps the most bizarre mouse. Looks like some mutated human hand, with a mouth on the underside. Perfect for creepy serial killers. "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again."

Hand grenade mouse. Do NOT pull the pin.

A golden brain mouse. Not sure why it says "Pat Says Now" on it. The brand perhaps?

This mouse is made of felt and bamboo. It could double as a pillow, if you have a tiny head.

A transformer mouse.

A mouse made of bamboo.


  1. The 'Pat Says Now' on the golden brain one is the brand. The 'zen' one is also that make. There's one that is hollow at the end but filled with water with a teeny rubber duck inside. :D

  2. That ain't "A star and an apple." It's a star and a strawberry.

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