Fighting Cancer In Hilarious Fashion

Linda Hill has been diagnosed and beaten cancer three different times. She was first diagnosed with Lymphoma when she was 19 years old. Linda underwent surgery and had chemotherapy to treat the disease. However, the cancer returned. “Later on down the road, seven kids later, I had thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed,” said Hill. “And then most recently last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had both breasts removed.”(...)

While balancing a full-time job and her kids, this single mom decided to make t-shirts to bring smiles to those faced with their own mortality. “We can find humor in everything and that sounds bad, from personal experience. I know cancer isn’t funny, but living with humor, at least laughing. I mean if you have 2 weeks left, 2 months, 2 years, I want to spend them laughing you know.”

Some of the funny t-shirts read:

Of course they're fake...
the real ones tried to kill me!

I lost my breast.
I think it's in my purse somewhere.

mastectomy: $12,000
radiation: $30,000
chemotherapy: $11,000
never wearing a bra again:

They took a lump from my breast... so why not my thigh?

Does this shirt make my boobs look small?

I lost my colon, But I'm still full of CRAP!

For every shirt she sells, Linda donates $2 to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The t-shirts can also be purchased online. Just visit her website,

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