The Best TGIF TV Shows

Who remembers TGIF? It was the Friday night TV lineup for ABC, from '89-2000, and a couple of little runs after that. It's where some pretty popular shows made a name for themselves. And, if you were anything like me, they were a fun part of your childhood. So without further... talking, here is a list of the best TGIF shows, ranked.

35. Baby Talk  - Scott Baio and Tony Danza couldn't save this show.

34. Making the Band - P Diddy talent show, looking for the next great hip-hop band. Also aired on MTV

33. Hope & Faith - 3 seasons of "meh." Starred Kelly Ripa, which is something.

32. Clueless - Based on the movie of the same name, it lacked the same charm. Aired for 3 seasons.

31. The Hughleys - Black family, white neighborhood, hilarity ensues. Aired for 4 seasons, but despite the run, was never terribly popular.

30. Billy - This was sort of a spin off of Head of the Class. Pretty good British actor and Big Bang's Johnny Galecki , weren't enough to keep it on the air for more than a year.

29. The Big House - Did you know Kevin Hart was in a sitcom? On TGIF? Well, it wasn't very good, only lasted one season.

28. Married to the Kellys - A show about a child actor, moving to NYC. Only lasted one season.

27. Life with Bonnie - Bonnie Hunt plays a talk show host from the Midwest. Ran for 2 seasons.

26. Aliens in the Family - If you can't glean enough information from this picture, then... Well, whatever, it was really bad.

25. Two of a Kind - This show tried to play of the popularity of Mary Kate and Ashley, before they got weird. Didn't work.

24. Less Than Perfect - Sara Rue is cute, but Andy Dick sucks. I blame him for the show only lasting 4 seasons.

23. Going Places - This was about the staff of a talk show. The cast was great, but it only lasted a season.

22. 8 Simple Rules- This one starred Kaley Cuoco before she was cool. Would have lasted longer if John Ritter had stuck around.

21. Odd Man Out - One boy, 5 women, 1 season.

20. Just the Ten of Us - Coach moves to CA, his daughters attract boys, dad freaks out.

19. Getting By - This show didn't get by more than 2 seasons, which is good, because she was better as Aunt Rachel on Family Matters.

18. Camp Wilder  - Starred Jerry O'Connell, but was sort of a mess. Didn't last long.

17. Brother's Keeper - Show about a single dad, and a partying brother. The coolest part of the show, was when he hugged Karl Malone.

16. Teen Angel - Forget the show, look at those jeans.

15. Complete Savages - Single dad, unruly sons, blah, blah, blah.

14. You Wish - A single mother, joins forces with a... Genie.

13. Muppets Tonight - The Muppets putting on a variety show.

12. Where I Live - A sitcom based in the inner city. Never took off.

11. George Lopez - The show that really launched the guy of the same name. Did well for 6 seasons.

10. Hangin' with Mr. Cooper - I really liked this show. It was about a basketball coach, who lives with two cute women, and is always dealing with their crap, and his student's crap.

9. Sister, Sister - Two cute twin sisters, reunited after being separated at birth.

8. Sabrina the Teenage Witch - It's a 16 year old witch, what's not to love.

7. Step by Step - Honestly, I watched it because I thought the mom, and all three sisters were cute.

6. Perfect Strangers - Now we are so happy. Now we do the dance of joy!

5. Mr. Belvedere - An English butler, and an average American family. Oh boy!

4. Dinosaurs - They were dinosaurs, but they were also like people. I mean, come on!

3. Boy Meets World - the story of Cory Matthews. Popular enough to spin a spin off, Girl Meets World.

2. Family Matters - Did you know this was a spin-off of Perfect Strangers? Well it was. Erkel made this
show famous.

1. Full House - Single dad, recruits family and friends to help him raise his daughters. Always ended with a cheesy family bonding moment. Also spurred a successful spinoff, Fuller House.

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