Other Names and Synonyms for "Moustaches"

The etymology of the word Moustache (or Mustache) is a complicated one. The word "moustache" derives from 16th century French moustache, which in turn is derived from the Italian mostaccio (14th century), dialectal mustaccio (16th century), from Medieval Latin mustacium (8th century), Medieval Greek μουστάκιον (moustakion), attested in the 9th century, which ultimately originates as a diminutive of Hellenistic Greek μύσταξ (mustax, mustak-), meaning "upper lip" or "facial hair", probably derived from Hellenistic Greek μύλλον (mullon), "lip."

But wherever the word moustache came from it has derived a lot of other names and synonyms as well. Here are some other names people give their moustaches:

Soup Strainer
Flavor Saver
Cookie Duster
Dirt Squirrel
Best Friend
Face Furniture
Nose Neighbor
Lip Cap
Lip Hat
Lip Rug
Lip Spinach
Lip Toupée
Mouth Brow
Mouth Merkin
Smoke Filter
Snot Mop
Upper Lip Plumage
Misplaced Eyebrow
Face Fungus
Mouth Brow

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