20 Painted Pregnant Bellies

Sometimes pregnant women get bored, so they paint their bellies. I don't know why, they just do it. Though, I guess if I was pregnant, and had all that extra real estate, I'd take advantage of it too. I'd paint my belly to look like I had abs. Oh the irony!

Snow globe

A jack-o-lantern

Mother earth

Two peas in a pod. Holy crap, that is a lot of belly.

This is how Chuck Norris was born.

Another pumpkin

A wondrous fairy, unicorn land 

An unborn baby

I sense a nautical theme

More pumpkins!

Eye see you!

Ok, enough with the pumpkins

Pass me the rock! I bet she's a ball hog

Mam, your baby is orange


Another globe

Why people and the Easter Bunny don't mix

Really? Another pumpkin?

Some sort of flower

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