12 Interesting Pizzas

Pizza, I love it. In fact, I'm angry that I have to eat anything that isn't pizza. If I had a choice, all food would be some sort of pizza. Anywho, the people that made these pizzas must feel the same way. We love you pizza.

Yoda pizza.

What do we have here? Corn dogs, Doritos, french fries, chicken nuggets on a bed of deliciousness.

Some countries put corn on their pizza. I have even heard that the "American Style" pizza comes with corn. Nope, we don't put corn on our pizza.

Pizza topped with pizza bites? Genius.

If Ronald McDonald made pizza.

Onion rings, loaded potato skins, mini tacos and mozzarella sticks? Madness. Delicious, savory madness.

Pizza in a cup. Where have you been all my life. Now my pizza can fit snugly in my cup holder while I drive. Better yet, in my hand, while I steer with my knees, and talk on my cell phone.

Corn dog pizza. So obvious, why hasn't this been done before? Get on the ball, Dominos!

Another McDonalds pizza creation. Also note the Gameboy watch.

Fruit on a pizza? That is simply ridiculous. How dare you.

Mini hot dog bites as crust? Plus corn and peas as toppings, with mini hamburgers? Pizza gold.

Sudoku pizza.

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  1. try the Brazilian Pig Pizza (porco pizza) a pizza made from a whole pig http://www.boingboing.net/2009/12/12/pizza-made-from-a-wh.html

  2. porco pizza! porco pizza!
    that's the best ever!

  3. oh man how i need that pizza in a cup!! imagine all the cheese!!

  4. i want that cheeseburger on top of the pizza.

  5. sick man what you people taking

  6. I think the mcdonalds pizza is not smart, no offense. It does not have any creativity whatsoever. I think that if you made a mcdonalds (so-called) "empire" pizza it would have been marvolousely SPECTACULAR. I am only sixteen, and i think that these designs(even though not all are spectacular) will lead these creative people to a more successful path in their near future! GOOD JOB (: