Harry Potter Themed Hotel Room

A London hotel offers fans of Harry Potter the chance to stay in Hogwarts-themed rooms, dubbed 'wizard chambers'.

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If you have ever dreamt of spending the night at Hogwarts, the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter book series, the Georgian House Hotel in Pimlico, London, is offering guests a magical night in Harry Potter-themed rooms.

Two bedrooms in the hotel have been transformed into 'wizarding chambers' adorned with potion bottles, candles, Gryffindor-style bed heads and cushions and even a Mosa Lisa holding a wand.

Serena von der Heyde, partner of the hotel said she was inspired to transform the rooms after reading the Harry Potter books with her young children and having seen the success of the 'Making of Harry Potter' London Warner Bros. Studio Tour. "I had three younger children of my own so we'd kind of grown up reading bed time stories to them and getting through the books anyway so I had already understood how it fueled young children's imaginations and how the Harry Potter books sort of were all about a different world and when I heard that the Studio Tour attraction was a best-selling attraction in London that's when I thought it would really make it even more magical if we could create somewhere special to stay the night before people went on the tour," she told Reuters at the hotel on Tuesday (October 28).

The popularity of the Harry Potter books and films has spawned a host of Harry Potter themed activities, including the 'Muggle Walking Tours' of London and Harry Potter bus tours.

The Georgian House Hotel are offering different room packages that can include these activities. A package that includes one night's bed and breakfast in the Wizard Chambers and a Muggle tour costs 249 pounds (402 dollars) for two adults, for example.

Recent publicity has generated an unprecedented number of enquiries into the rooms. "We're booked now right up to Christmas and we've even got bookings for Christmas 2015. We had on the first day 40,000 hits on our website and in fact our website crashed because it just wasn't able to cope with the sheer volume of interest so it's just been mind-blowing the interest and really thrilling for us to see just how much people really enjoy them and like them," exclaimed von der Heyde.

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