Fat Babies

So my son is 8 months, and pretty chunky. It's kind of like carrying around a sack of flour, but cuter. So I got to thinking, how fat do babies get. I was surprised at the result:

Mmmm, finger tastes good.

Holy crap!

Baby like Twinkie.

Sir, are you aware that there is a giant baby on your head?

Buy that baby a bra.

I wonder if I can eat it...

Her next child should be able to walk out.

Aw, twins.

You know they are fat, when you have to start dressing them in sacks.

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  1. Man this is shit

  2. hahahahahaha thats hilarious lovee ya xx

  3. awwwwwwwwww there so cute!!!!!!!!!

  4. those babies are sooo cute!!!!! i love babies!